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Breakfast is Back!

Help Lee finish eating breakfast

Greetings! My name is Lee Rice and I am the Founder and Official Eater of Little Lee’s BREAKFAST IN AMERICA — an online, social media campaign to find America’s FAVORITE breakfast spots…a campaign I began in 2011.

Breakfast in Milford, Connecticut
Little Lee at The Corner Restaurant Milford, CT – a small city with a BIG heart!

Because life has a funny way of getting in the way of pursuing our dreams, I had to put my dream of eating breakfast across America on hold.

Now, I’m asking for your help to FINISH what I started…and, we’ll be starting in Wyoming!

Here’s how it works…

First, go ahead and like Little Lee’s Breakfast in America’s Facebook page. You could love it if there were that option.

Breakfast blogger eating breakfast across America.
Please LIKE Little Lee’s Breakfast in America’s Facebook page!

Next, join the Where Should I Eat Breakfast in Wyoming? Facebook group, and add your favorite restaurant.

Wyoming breakfast
Tell me where I should eat breakfast in Wyoming by joining!

Vote for your favorite restaurant and tell all your family and friends to do the same by sharing the poll on your Facebook timeline.

The restaurant with the most votes in our poll wins!

To learn how you can help even more, click on this gofundme link.

What I’m planning

My ultimate goal is to write a book…call it a memoir/travel guide/recipe book. In it, you will find recipes from the many restaurants where YOU have chosen to send me. Additionally, it will include stories of the wonderful people I’ve met and the amazing experiences I’ve had along the way.

Contribute $1, $5 or more and your name will appear in the book as a way of saying, “Thank you!” for your generosity.

Funds raised will go directly to travel expenses for the 30 remaining states I have left to visit on my campaign. My budget is $1,500 per visit (including airfare, rental car and hotel).

For each trip, if my travel expenses fall UNDER budget, I will donate the remaining balance to the winning restaurant’s charity of choice. My goal is to ensure that every trip is under budget! I mean, what’s better than paying it forward?

Thank you SO much for your support! I look forward to taking you with me as we travel the country to find America’s FAVORITE breakfast spots…chosen by you, eaten by me!

I am Lee Rice, the Founder and Official Eater for Little Lee's BREAKFAST IN AMERICA - an social media campaign to find America's FAVORITE breakfast spots. Join me!

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