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It’s a Family Affair at Kountry Kitchen

Welcome to the Kountry Kitchen
Welcome to the Kountry Kitchen

I’m not sure if it’s the rooster in one of the windows that’s framed with dainty lace curtains, or the friendly smiles and warm greetings or the aroma of a freshly-cooked breakfast that makes the Kountry Kitchen in Greenville, Rhode Island feel like home…but whatever it is sure made this breakfast blogger feel like a part of the Kountry Kitchen family. And, at Kountry Kitchen it truly is a family affair.

It's the little touches that makes KK feel like home.
Lace curtains always remind me of home.

Originally owned by the Meehan family, Kountry Kitchen – Rhode Island’s FAVORITE breakfast spot – has been around for 32 years. The Delos family – brothers Thierry and Lionel, their parents, and aunt and uncle, took ownership 16 years ago and have enjoyed a faithful following ever since.

And, after my experience there I can understand why.

They are passionate about what they do and take pride in every single muffin, egg, pancake and crepe served in their restaurant. Thierry Delos, who grew up working on Martha’s Vineyard in a high end French restaurant owned by his father, admits that making good food is more than just a job. “It’s in my blood,” says Thierry. “Both my parents and aunt and uncle grew up in France and were classically trained, so I learned the art of French cuisine from them.” From their crepes with Nutella and fresh bananas to their Lobster Benedict with homemade Hollandaise sauce, the menu is certainly a reflection of the family’s French roots.

The Brothers Delos - Thierry (left) and Lionel (right).
The Brothers Delos – Thierry (left) and Lionel (right).

Nestled by a lake, Kountry Kitchen feels more like a friend’s home than a restaurant. The charming decor is sprinkled with antiques, stained glass windows, Tiffany style lamps and homey silk floral arrangements. It’s not a small space either…there are several rooms for larger, private parties and they’re working on creating a beer pub on the lower level which looks out onto the lake (they’re open for dinner on Fridays). Sound inviting? Thought so…and I haven’t even mentioned the food.

Country accents all around
Country accents all around
Beautiful stained glass is among some of the very homey features at Kountry Kitchen.
Rise and shine!
The little touches…

Well, before I begin…let me take this opportunity to thank Thierry and Lionel for creating a personalized tasting menu for my first Kountry Kitchen experience, and to Elizabeth Israni who helped coordinate my visit. I felt like a celebrity and I hope, one day, to return to your restaurant with The Travel Channel! You never know!

Since there is always one owner in the kitchen at any given time, it was Thierry’s turn to take the reins while brother Lionel brought me the first of six, yes, SIX, breakfast selections for me to taste.

First up was their Lobster Benedict…a perfect combination of sweet lobster, a tangy hollandaise sauce on a whole wheat English muffin. Now,  I’ve said many times before that Eggs Benedict is my FAVORITE egg dish, and I’ve been to many restaurants where I’ve ordered Eggs Benedict and thought, “Have they actually tasted their own hollandaise sauce or ever heard of a soft poached egg?” And, typically, an Eggs Benedict is a special item on a brunch or breakfast menu…so, why not give it the special treatment it deserves? At Kountry Kitchen, they do just that. Every single egg that’s dropped, is timed with an egg timer…two minutes.

Lobster Eggs Benedict
Lobster Eggs Benedict

In fact, while on my visit, I heard the egg timer ring a couple of times and I thought to myself, “lucky!” I couldn’t believe the generous portions of lobster that came with the dish. It was smothered in a hollandaise sauce that had just the right amount of tanginess. Made with egg yolk, cayenne, lemon (or lime) and butter, the sauce is whisked to perfection and is made fresh daily.

Paired with their Benedict was their home fries. Excuse me, their unbelievably delicious home fries. Grilled to a nice crispy texture, these home fries are seasoned with a proprietary blend of spices that Thierry and Lionel hope to market one day…I hope to be their first customer! I’d put these spices on just about anything!

Homemade Corned Beef Hash
Homemade Corned Beef Hash

Next was their homemade can’t-keep-it-in-the-house Corned Beef Hash. Made fresh daily, their hash is prepared with corned beef that’s been cooked for four hours in a home blend of pickling spices. Once the corned beef is cooked, it is trimmed of fat…they then grind the beef and the fat, add potatoes and a half gallon of bacon fat to about six gallons of the hash. It’s made to order with or without onions. The texture is a little crispy and very moist and flavorful…would give anything for that pickling spice recipe!

Stepping away from the savory dishes for a moment, Lionel then gave me their Nutella Banana Crepe. One of the most quintessential and classic French dishes, crêpes are basically a flat pancake. They can come sweet or savory and, lucky for me, they came sweet for my visit. I discovered Nutella a few years ago and quickly became addicted to it. If you haven’t tried it, it is a hazelnut chocolate spread that originated in Italy in 1964. When it’s paired with a perfectly cooked crepe and fresh (not cooked) bananas and homemade whip cream, it might just send you into orbit. I loved this dish. I loved the fact that bananas weren’t cooked, but were just the right kind of ripe – firm and sweet. I also loved the fact that this was Thierry’s and Lionel’s grandmother’s recipe. I felt like I was tasting a little piece of their family history and I grew to appreciate each and every bite.

Nutella Banana Crepe - hungry yet?
Nutella Banana Crepe – hungry yet?

Next up was their homemade Cinnamon Bun. Pretty basic…it’s a homemade cinnamon roll topped with a delicious sugar glaze…but what makes this cinnamon bun different is that they cut it in half and grill it on a flat top making it nice and crispy. It’s a cooking method I highly recommend. 🙂

Homemade Cinnamon Bun - grilled to utter deliciousness.
Homemade Cinnamon Bun – grilled to utter deliciousness.

Since I was nearing a sugar coma, Thierry decided to switch up my palette a bit and took me south of the border with their South of the Border Pan Fried Omelette and jalapeño cornbread. First you begin with their house made chili that has cooked for the better part of a day. The three-egg omelette is then stuffed with the mouthwatering chili and cheddar Jack cheese. It is then pan fried in a skillet with some olive oil and popped into the oven where it gets nice and fluffy. It is then topped with salsa, sour cream and chopped cilantro. The dish is nicely paired with their jalapeño cheese corn bread…Ole! If you need a trip south of the border, I’d take this one!

South of the Border Omelette and Cornbread
South of the Border Omelette and Cornbread

Like with any meal, dessert was served last…and my dessert was KK’s Stuffed Texas French Toast with Mascarpone and Strawberries. Take two slices of Texas toast, dip it in batter, pan fry it, cut each piece in half and stuff it with a mascarpone mixture (mascarpone, confectioner’s sugar, vanilla) and fresh strawberries. The mascarpone mixture is not overly sweet but adding a little of their homemade whip cream would satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth as it did mine.

Stuffed French Toast with Mascarpone and Strawberries...dessert is served!
Stuffed French Toast with Mascarpone and Strawberries…dessert is served!

After breakfast, I took some shots of the restaurant as they packed a half dozen to-go containers for me. Their portions are generous so be prepared to eat, it will be worth the preparation.

Kountry Kitchen is located at 10 Smith Avenue in Greenville, Rhode Island. You can visit them on Facebook at or check out their menu below by clicking on this link. Kountry Kitchen – Menus 

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