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Breakfast in the Midwest

The polls for breakfast in the Midwest will be posted today! I’ve never been to Illinois, Michigan, Ohio or Indiana so I’m making my way there in August. Dates will be forthcoming. I need your support and please spread the word!!

I am Lee Rice, the Founder and Official Eater for Little Lee's BREAKFAST IN AMERICA - an social media campaign to find America's FAVORITE breakfast spots. Join me!

4 comments on “Breakfast in the Midwest

  1. Wherever you go we need lots of pictures of the place, the food, the people and what else is fun to do in the area. In other words be our sences and let us experience the would through your blog. Have fun!

  2. Genaro Garcia

    Thanks for the nomination!
    Jack & Benny’s Diner
    2563 North High Street
    Columbus, Ohio 43202
    (614) 263-0242
    M-F 7am-3pm
    Sa-Su 8am-3pm

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