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First Breakfast!

Well, one down, 49 more states to go! Today couldn’t have gone any better. The crew at Helen’s Sausage House in Smyrna, Delaware was incredibly accommodating. I was allowed to go behind the scenes in their kitchen…which is where all the magic happens at Helen’s.

But, first, I want to thank Butch Murphy (Helen’s son) for being such a gracious host. I felt like a celebrity walking in there! I would also like to thank Helen’s crew who was working today and for putting up with my filming: Kim, Jane, Terry, Tina and Brenda.

Helen’s Sausage House has been around for nearly 31 years and is open six days a week…they definitely need a day off because they are BUSY! I was told by Butch that there are many times when it is standing room only in their modest 18 to 20-seat diner.

I ate a pretty traditional breakfast…two eggs over easy, potatoes, toast and sausage. However, what sets this traditional breakfast apart is Helen’s sausage. It is Helen’s own family recipe. Because it is in such high demand they actually need a purveyor with a large enough kitchen to make it. They just don’t have the room or the man power. So, Kirby & Holloway in Harrington, Delaware makes it for them.

I loved the vibe in Helen’s. Very laid back atmosphere complete with an Elvis room! They have a no-nonsense approach to food. The menu features basics like two eggs and bacon and, for those of you who are adventurous, they also have something called scrapple. I’m still on the fence about scrapple, but perhaps I wasn’t that into it because I’d just eaten a HUGE breakfast.

I can see why they were voted #1 by Gourmet magazine. The sausage was so flavorful…my mouth is watering right now as I’m thinking about it.

I addition to Gourmet, they were also honored by the former governor of Delaware, Best of Delaware by Delaware Today and Food Network Magazine. Their wall of fame (found in the Elvis room) is loaded with accolades. I hope the certificate from Little Lee’s BREAKFAST IN AMERICA makes it up there too.

After I finished eating and filming at Helen’s, I took a quick tour of Smyrna and it’s quaint historic district. What’s more, it is fall and fall looks pretty good on Smyrna.

If you plan on visiting Delaware, please check out Helen’s Sausage House. They are located at 4866 North Dupont Highway. Their hours are Monday – Saturday from 4 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Run, don’t walk, to Helen’s!

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  1. Woo Hoo! Wow – Helen’s set the bar for the rest of the 49 states! You are off to an amazing start and I am so excited for you, Lee.

  2. Yay for Lee for doing this! I cant wait to travel the states and eat wherever ‘the boss” reccomends. Im proud of you for this girl…cant wait to learn about the rest of your stops.

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