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Chasing a dream…and pancakes

I’m not a food critic or a chef. I couldn’t tell you what temperature works best when cooking grits or how to cook an egg sunny side up…my eggs are better scrambled…they’re guaranteed to be edible that way. So, the more I think about Little Lee’s BREAKFAST IN AMERICA, the more I ask myself, “What on earth are you thinking?” But, I figure, if there’s any country that allows me, heck, dares me to chase my dream…it’s America.

And, who cares if my dream means chasing pancakes or huevos rancheros? What better way is there to experience America than by eating? None, I tell you. Well, for me anyhow.

I am an eater – a gourmand of a sort – and I’m really good at it. I love everything about eating. I love the smells, the sounds, the conversations around food. Eating is what brings families together, where stories are created and bodies are nourished. In fact, some of my favorite memories involve eating…like having the strongest cup of coffee with my brother-in-law while enjoying a stack of home-cooked pancakes with my sister or writing poetry with my friends while devouring the Cold Blue Special from Blueberry – one of the best breakfast spots in Santa Monica, California (unfortunately no longer in operation). These memories will last a lifetime…and now, I have more on the way!

Two questions…what’s your favorite memory of breakfast? And, what’s your dream?

I am Lee Rice, the Founder and Official Eater for Little Lee's BREAKFAST IN AMERICA - an social media campaign to find America's FAVORITE breakfast spots. Join me!

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