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Introducing Little Lee’s BREAKFAST IN AMERICA

I think the idea for this project was inspired by Supertramp’s 1979 album cover — their jovial, portly waitress striking the statue of liberty pose — combined with my love of food…breakfast to be exact.
I love breakfast. My favorite breakfast dish is Eggs Benedict…with eggs poached SOFT (to me, there’s nothing worse than a hard poached egg) and Hollandaise sauce with just the right amount of tanginess. But, give me Country Fried Steak and Eggs and I’m a happy camper, too.
Yet, despite my love of breakfast, there are many times when my life gets so busy that I forget to eat the meal that doctors and nutritionists say is the most important meal of the day! I forget that it helps sustain my energy and gets my brain’s synapses firing so I can think properly. I forget it until I regret it around two o’clock in the afternoon when I leave scuff marks in the hallway outside my office from my butt dragging on the ground.
I got to thinking about breakfast, the whole ritual of it, and asked my husband, “What would you think if I decided to have breakfast in America…in every state of the union…and write about it?” He responded, “Cool.” He’s a man of few words, but when he speaks, I listen.
So, this fall, I’m embarking on BREAKFAST IN AMERICA. Once a month, I will travel to a different state to eat the first and most important meal of the day. But, I’ll need your help.
For BREAKFAST IN AMERICA, I’m going to need some insider tips. I don’t need to eat at the fanciest restaurant in the hippest city. If your local diner is the bee’s knees, let me know. If they have a dish that makes your taste buds tingle, let me know.

First, “like” Little Lee’s BREAKFAST IN AMERICA’S Facebook page.

Second, post the name of your favorite breakfast spot and why their breakfast rocks on the wall. If they have a link, post that too.

Third, get as many of your friends to like your post and your favorite spot will be in the running for the best breakfast in that state. 

The top three restaurants with the most likes will be put into a poll for voting. From there, I will visit the restaurant with the most votes.

I’ll post a photo of me with the dish, the chef and the restaurant. My dream is to publish a book about this incredible, waist-expanding experience that will also incorporate recipes from America’s favorite breakfast spots – chosen by you…eaten by me.

Cheers to you!

Lee Rice
Official Eater

I am Lee Rice, the Founder and Official Eater for Little Lee's BREAKFAST IN AMERICA - an social media campaign to find America's FAVORITE breakfast spots. Join me!

4 comments on “Introducing Little Lee’s BREAKFAST IN AMERICA

  1. What a fun idea!! I am so excited!! Cant wait to get you going!! I’m in! Hit my Like Button and am ready to start thinking of the best breakfast around me…… wish i was in california….but i will get you some ideas here!! Good luck!! XOXOX

  2. You go, girl! I am cheering you on. BTW, breakfast is MY favorite meal. I could eat it at lunch and dinner, too! I am looking forward to watchung “Breakfast in America’ unfold. I am going to keep the list and I might just track down your favs at some point in time. Best of luck to you. I will be posting my favs but have to get back out there – testing! Just sayin’

  3. You can’t be in Austin Texas and NOT eat at Cisco’s bakery in East Austin! Seriously, if those walls could talk. I would put Cisco’s against anyone in the country. It is a long time Austin institution…

  4. You have to go to Tweedy’s in North Bend, WA – yup, the same place that was in theTwin Peaks series.

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